Loans without a Bank

Although the average net salary for July exceeds USD 6,000, with the fall of the tourist season this will return to the old one. Seasonal jobs are slowly ending, with tourists returning from vacation. Both principles are home budgeting, so the search for an urgent financial injection is inevitable. In this case, citizens are asking for less money and, as little as possible, complications in getting it. This is why the phrase “borrow without a bank” is increasingly appearing on search engines.

Short-term loans


They aim to spend the month until the pay arrives again. The average annual cost on the Croatian coast for a family of four is between six and 12 thousand. This is a big financial burden, especially for a family with an average income. In this situation, various types of short-term loans and loans can be of help, and they can be repaid at the next payday.

Lending money to banks is more complicated than lending. Banks are obligatory to check the creditworthiness of the client taking into account besides the solvency power and the type of employment and other debts. Which means that people who are part-time or have a loan are no longer creditworthy for the new financial burden. Credit houses are less rigorous about this and only look after the financial tidiness of the client. The most important thing is that clients have regular income and pay their debts regularly. Therefore, an increasing number of clients are seeking loans without a bank .

What do loan companies offer?

What do loan companies offer?

Lending companies offer short-term loans at smaller amounts that clients can solicit online only. This is also one of the biggest advantages of borrowing without a bank because everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. The documentation for this type of loan is minimal and includes a copy of your ID card and current account card. After that, a contract is signed, which the client also removes from the website and then has time to study before signing it. No need to go to the office as everything can be done online.

What do savings and loan companies offer?


Apart from credit houses, savings and credit unions are also at stake, which in fact have a similar policy as banks. They check the creditworthiness of clients, but are still more flexible in this regard. Also, in order to compete in the market, they usually offer a fixed interest rate, which is usually not the case with banks.

What to Watch When Choosing a Loan Without a Bank?


Given the large number of loan companies, it is not always easy to figure out the right intentions. Borrowing money should be an exchange of merchandise like any other, but often lending ads without a bank hide false ads. They offer fast money lending with payout on hand. At a given moment, especially if it is an emergency, it may sound very tempting, but you should also think about the consequences.

Namely, if there is no written record of a loan, whether it is a contract or a current account transaction, a variety of frauds are possible. One party may claim that a smaller sum of money has been borrowed, or that it has been repaid too little even though it is actually quite the opposite.

Such things should be well taken care of and before borrowing, inquire about the legitimacy of the loan company from which the money loan is intended to be taken. All credit institutions licensed in Croatia are listed on the Good Finance Bank’s website.

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