Loans without Pledge and Prepayments

In the Croatian labor market, the most vulnerable group is young people who have just graduated from school or college. Employers are not keen on hiring workers who have no experience, and if they do, offer them internships and a minimum wage.

As such, they are unable to take out loans or quick loans without pledges and upfront payments until they receive permanent employment. Most banks look for a property, real estate or life insurance policy, and young people usually don’t have any of that. Therefore, their lending options are limited.

What is behind the pledge?


A pledge is a form of security that a loan seeker gives to a financial institution in the event of a loan, loan, or loan repayment. Security instruments or liens are real estate, real estate, life insurance policies or the use of a guarantor and a co-debtor. The latter is also the most common, which means that if the borrower can no longer repay the same, the guarantor or the co-debtor undertakes his obligation.

How to get loan without pledge and advance payment?


Lending companies have loans without collateral and advance payment. This is a relative novelty in the market because banks, especially with poorer credit standing, are obliged to seek a pledge. Loans without collateral and down payment function so that only the amount of monthly income is used to secure the collection of receivables. Mostly, these are smaller amounts and a shorter repayment period.

An application for non-pledge loans and advance payment can be submitted online. Fast, simple and efficient. The complete paperwork is maximally simplified and reduced to documents that do not need to be further visited by various institutions. From the documentation through the page of the credit house it is necessary to submit a copy of the ID card, current account card and, if necessary, the last three payroll or pension lists.

What is a loan-free loan and a down payment?

What is a loan-free loan and a down payment?

Loans without pledges and prepayments are not intended for use, which means that the funds can be used as desired. From unplanned expenses such as car repairs, interior refurbishments, weddings, godparents, hospital expenses, to fulfilling some of your own wishes that you couldn’t afford before, loans without pledges and down payments are the optimal solution to financial difficulties.

How fast do collateral free loans and prepayments fit into your account?


Loans without pledges and prepayments are processed to the current account as soon as possible. This can be between 15 minutes and 24 hours, with the deadline never exceeding one day. Which means money sits in one day and you can dispose of it any way you like. The credit house does not determine the purpose for which this type of lending is extremely popular.

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